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Radinn Explore - a practical, high-speed electric surfboard with excellent autonomy. The maximum speed in the configuration with the standard G3 motor is 40 km/h. With the engine version G3 Pro, this figure increases to 51 km/h. The board is made of high-quality carbon fiber, has a durable modular case, protected from side and vertical impacts. The model received good dynamics: to the level of 40 km/h the surfboard accelerates in 10.4 seconds, and in the version with the G3 Pro engine - in 4.8 seconds. The maximum allowable weight of the rider is up to 130 kg.

G3 Standard+0 €G3 Pro+1560 €
Maximum speed is 40 km/h
Standard+0 €Extended Range+2000 €
Autonomy is 30 min
Standard+0 €Carbon+769 €

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Radinn Explore - a great option for riding on rivers and lakes, where there are no big waves. This model retained all the outstanding features of previous models of the Swedish manufacturer, and in some respects even surpassed its predecessors. Radinn Explore is another example of a combination of perfect shapes, practical design and excellent speed capabilities. The maximum speed of this board varies from 40 to 51 km/h - depending on the configuration that you choose when buying (Standard or Pro).

Powerful replaceable batteries

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 17 cmLength 195 cmWidth 81 cmWeight 39 kg

PerformanceMax speed 52 km/hAutonomy 25 min
EnginePower HPType Electric

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