Answers on questions

Common questions

question Are all boards available immediately for purchase?

Most boards on our website are available and can be sent to the buyer within 3-4 business days. Some boards can be bought only on pre-order and delivery time depends on the season.

question Are you an official representative of Jetsurf?

No, we are distributors of different brands and give the same official guarantee as official representatives. We also have a team of our own mechanics who can help with the technical support of your board.

question How can I pay for the purchase?

We accept all possible payment methods. Credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cash.

question Which surfboard with a motor to choose? Electric or gasoline?

This is a very personal question, the answer to which everyone makes based on many variables. Electric boards are good because you can ride on them wherever it is forbidden to ride on gasoline engines. They are completely quiet and do not emit exhaust. They are heavier than gasoline and have a limited stroke resource on a single charge. In turn, gasoline boards require more technical support.

Electric boards

question How much is the average battery charge of electric boards?

For 2018, there are about 7 models of electric boards, which have proven themselves well. On all boards, the average autonomy varies from 30 to 65 minutes. Strongly affect the user's weight and speed of movement. The average battery charging speed is 3 hours.

Petrol boards

question How to fill Jetsurf?

JetSurf runs on a 2-stroke engine. This means that you will always have to mix oil with gasoline. This is extremely important for the jet surf, otherwise you will damage the engine. We recommend using race oil for 2-stroke engines. The mixture you make is mixed 50 to 1. This means that 10 liters of gasoline need to pour 0.2 liters of oil. Only after you have pre-mixed gasoline and oil in a canister will you fill the jet-surf tank with the mixture.

After filling the tank, make sure that you tighten the tank cap correctly. Make sure that there is no gas in the expansion tank. This small tank is only for petrol vapor. Therefore, once you have finished driving, return it to the main fuel tank.

question Why do we need fins?

After you get your Jetsurf out of its case, you will see that it has 3 holes for 3 fins. 2 lateral fins and 1 main fin. First, determine the main fin. You will see 8 screws into the board. Make sure you screw your main fin tightly and firmly. After this, as you set the central fin, you need to fasten 2 side fins.

question What to do if water got into the engine and the board stalled?

Nothing bad happened. You just need to unscrew the spark plug with a special key that you were given from the factory and open the faucet on the discharge tube. Further, the ignition magnet simply twist the engine until all the water came out of the cylinder.