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The Awake RÄVIK S electric surfboard is suitable for riding on any water surface. The streamlined edges of the hull provide excellent buoyancy of the board, allow you to perform complex maneuvers and pirouettes on the water. The 11 kW water-jet electric motor allows you to gain your maximum speed of 56 km / h in a matter of seconds. Board weight is 35 kg, which greatly simplifies its operation and transportation.

SR Battery+0 €XR Battery+2000 €
Up to 20 min of a riding time (depends on rider's weight, ride mode and sea conditions)
Awake bag with wheels
Without Bag+0 €Add bag+590 €
Risk of scratches and cracks

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€ 12900

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The Awake RÄVIK S electric drive board is a new, improved version of the previous Awake RÄVIK. This modification has acquired more elegant forms and striking design, while retaining all the signature features of the Swedish brand. The ergonomic body, created from lightweight composite materials, allows you to rapidly develop speed and make any turns on the water surface.

Powerful electric motor

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 22 cmLength 175 cmWidth 61 cmWeight 34 kg

PerformanceMax speed 52 km/hAutonomy 45 min
EnginePower 11 HPType Electric

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