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Esurf is an extremely lightweight surfboard - with a total record weight of 25 kg. The Esurf promises to be the best option for the most demanding riders seeking a combination of superior speed, acceleration, and design. In just a few seconds, it can reach the impressive speed of 64 km/h. The weight-to-power ratio is unparalleled. The model is designed to provide extraordinary sensations. The battery can be easily replaced at any time.

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Esurf is the only carbon board that boasts a record weight: less than 10 kg despite its over 19 kW of power. In fact, the board is lighter than the battery, which weighs 15 kg. Esurf's motor power enables it to reach the incredible speed of 64 km/h, making it the best choice for experienced riders seeking an unparalleled riding experience. The board is designed for riders weighing up to 100 kg.


Technical details

DimensionsHeight 170 cmLength 60 cmWidth 12 cmWeight 25 kg

PerformanceMax speed 64 km/hAutonomy min
EnginePower HPType Electric