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Fliteboard is a stylish modern electro-platform that allows you to confidently hold on to the waves. Two batteries last for 2 hours of riding without recharging, and convenient control, optimal shape and interchangeable underwater wings allow you to create your own unique style of riding. Feel the indescribable feeling of a drive - try to curb the wave!

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Fliteboard is designed for riders who are not afraid of high speeds and are ready to show the world their unique riding style. The optimal shape allows you to stand on your feet, even at the start, as well as reach a maximum speed in a matter of seconds.

The manufacturing company offers a choice of 3 board forms, 2 underwater wings, and 2 batteries. Standard equipment Fliteboard designed for riders weighing 50-90 kg. Replaced wings allow you to create a stable board or electro surf for fast, steep, dangerous maneuvers. And batteries provide up to 40 or 60 minutes of travel without recharging. Convenient control of the wireless controller and all the information on the screen will always keep you informed.

Collect your unique electro surf or appreciate the basic equipment. Conquer the waves or take a peaceful walk over a long distance.

The first hydrofoil in mass production

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 14 cmLength 168 cmWidth 80 cmWeight 30 kg

PerformanceMax speed 45 km/hAutonomy 65 min
EnginePower 3,8 HPType Electric