Fliteboard Series 2

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Fliteboard Series 2

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Fliteboard, one of the most renowned manufacturers of hydrofoils in the world, released its latest version, Series 2, in 2021. Fliteboard's developers and engineers have refined the board's design, making it even more advanced and responsive. The Fliteboard Series 2 allows beginners to "fly" on the water even faster and easier, while more experienced riders can enjoy the new extreme and even more productive board with a range of accessories that let them reach their full potential.

Standard+0 €Air+0 €Pro+0 €Ultra+0 €
100 L - For everybody
Foil length
60 cm+0 €75 cm+0 €
Foil color
Silver+0 €Black+150 €
Wing type
Cruiser 1100 + Flite 290+0 €Cruiser 1800 + Flite 500+0 €Flyer 800 + Flite 290+0 €Flow S 1300 + Flow 245+0 €Flow 1100 + Flow 245+0 €
Sport+0 €Explore+350 €
60 min ride time

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€ 11500

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Fliteboard is a unique feeling of flying on water without wind and waves. But now the manufacturer has unveiled the evolution of the iconic Fliteboard Series 2 electric foil, which turns rivers, lakes and oceans into a personal playground.

Premium materials and design

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 14 cmLength 172 cmWidth 71 cmWeight 30 kg

PerformanceMax speed 55 km/hAutonomy 65 min
EnginePower 3,8 HPType Electric

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