Onean Carver X

Onean Carver X

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Onean Carver X is designed for those who want to get the maximum from electrosurfing. The board will easily withstand a rider of 85–100 kg and more while allowing it to develop a maximum speed. The thoughtful shape of the case ensures maneuverability even at high speeds, and the modern design makes communication antennas with the remote control unit almost invisible.

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Two batteries provide autonomous operation for up to 40 minutes. Chargers, that allow you to quickly fill up the energy, are included. Also included is mounting - they provide maximum stability even on large waves, so the board is safe.

Two jet engines

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 21 cmLength 240 cmWidth 70 cmWeight 45 kg

PerformanceMax speed 44 km/hAutonomy 45 min
EnginePower 10 HPType Electric