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Radinn Carve

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Radinn Carve is suitable for more experienced riders who love drive and sharp turns. This is a fairly compact, stable device designed for a more aggressive driving style. The board has a wireless waterproof control panel that notifies the pilot of the battery charge, the status of the operating systems and allows you to configure the device in accordance with your experience. The board shows excellent dynamics, literally taking off at the start. Up to 40 km/h Radinn Carve accelerates in 9.7 seconds, and with the engine version Pro - only 3.4 seconds.

G3 Standard+0 €G3 Pro+1560 €
Maximum speed is 40 km/h
Standard+0 €Extended Range+2000 €
Autonomy is 30 min


19 Mar 2021


Very fast and cool!


19 Mar 2021


New model, better then before


19 Mar 2021


Very fast, and pretty price.


19 Mar 2021


It has been completely redesigned to push the boundaries of the motorized surfboard industry. The new hull shape with an adjustable fin tip offers a wide range of settings for different water surface conditions and rider customization. The carbon fiber fin on the JetPump tunnel produces extra downforce and increases water flow for higher board performance.

€ 11790

VAT and delivery excl.

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Radinn Carve is another bright novelty from a Swedish company, presented in the 2020 lineup. The new electric board has become much lighter and more compact compared to previous models. The board received improved hydrodynamics and a new range of powerful G3 electric motors. In the standard version, the power unit allows you to reach speeds of about 40 km/h. At the same time, the manufacturer offers a more powerful version of the motor of the G3 Pro series, which allows to accelerate to 52 km/h.

Replaceable battery

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 16 cmLength 178 cmWidth 63 cmWeight 45 kg

PerformanceMax speed 52 km/hAutonomy 30 - 45 min
EnginePower HPType Electric

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