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Radinn Freeride

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Radinn Freeride is a universal device that will appeal to both beginners and advanced riders. It can be used both for long, measured walks, and for fast, active driving. The board has a simple, intuitive control, which is carried out using a wireless waterproof remote control, attached to the pilot's hand. The maximum speed in the standard configuration is 43 km/h, in the Pro configuration - 56 km/h. For acceleration to the mark of 40 km/h, the device needs only 8.9 seconds. With a G3 Pro engine, it only takes 3 seconds. In this case, the maximum weight of the pilot can reach 130 kg.

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G3 Standard+0 €G3 Pro+1560 €
Maximum speed is 40 km/h
Standard+0 €Extended Range+2000 €
Autonomy is 30 min
Standard+0 €Carbon+769 €

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€ 9790

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Radinn Freeride is a completely new generation of electric jetboards from the iconic Swedish brand. The model is equipped with a powerful electric motor G3, working in tandem with a water-jet system and allowing you to pick up speed of about 43 km/h. In the configuration Pro, which will cost a little more expensive, maximum speeds reach 56 km / h. Contact our managers for more information.

Modular design

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 17 cmLength 190 cmWidth 78 cmWeight 47,9 kg

PerformanceMax speed 56 km/hAutonomy 30 - 45 min
EnginePower HPType Electric

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