Waydoo Flyer ONE

Waydoo Flyer ONE

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Waydoo Flyer ONE is a lightweight, powerful hydrofoil surfboard that allows the rider not to swim, but to fly above the water. The body is made of polymer foam, aluminum and carbon fiber. The board is controlled by a wireless controller with 24 speed modes and a 2.3-inch screen that displays the speed and battery life. If the charge is below 25%, the controller will notify you of this by vibration. The maximum speed is 42 km/h. On a single charge of the battery, you can ride from 55 to 85 minutes, depending on the speed and conditions of the reservoir.

Epp+0 €Carbon+650 €
Mast and Wing
Explore+0 €Patroller (by pre-order only)+250 €

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€ 5600

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Waydoo Flyer ONE is one of the most striking novelties of 2020 in the segment of hydrofoil electric boards. With all its technical advantages, this board has a rather low price compared to other similar models from competing brands. Flyer ONE is positioned as a high-quality, innovative and at the same time affordable electroboard with hydrofoil.

Silent electric motor

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 19 cmLength 168 cmWidth 71 cmWeight 28 kg

PerformanceMax speed 40 km/hAutonomy 55 min
EnginePower 6 HPType Electric