Awake RÄVIK One

Awake RÄVIK One

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The Awake RÄVIK board is a racing power supply, made in a hermetic carbon body. The board was specially created for steep maneuvers, jumps, and speed skating. Thanks to a convenient wireless controller with a charger, it is not difficult to choose a suitable riding mode without being distracted by complex settings. The Awake RÄVIK Electric Surf comes with a set of batteries and a fast charger, which will take about 80 minutes to fully charge.

XR Battery+2900 €
Up to 60 minutes of a ride time

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€ 13800

VAT and delivery excl.

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The patented Direct Drive system provides increased efficiency when moving the board with a screw on the water. The cooling system, which prevents overheating of the motor, works at the expense of water. Fully charging the battery takes 80 minutes, but if you wish, you can purchase additional batteries to increase the ride time.

Wireless remote control

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 22 cmLength 179 cmWidth 61 cmWeight 35 kg

PerformanceMax speed 56 km/hAutonomy 40 min
EnginePower 11 HPType Electric

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