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Curf is an opportunity to experience all the delights of fast water rides for both beginner riders and experienced extremes. Its wide body does not allow the novice to roll over when driving at low and medium speeds. But at the same time, a powerful engine produces a huge acceleration moves the board at a speed of up to 61 km / h. The automatic opening system stops the surf when an extremal falls overboard.

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Surfboard Curf is a premium product. It will suit any lover of water recreation. Due to the wide body, both a child and an adult can ride it. A powerful engine can accelerate an extreme drive enthusiast to a speed of 61 km / h. Supports fast-swappable batteries and convenient control with a wired throttle.

Reliable engine

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 26 cmLength 192 cmWidth 73 cmWeight 27 kg

PerformanceMax speed 61 km/hAutonomy 40 min
EnginePower 16 HPType Electric

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