Mertek S1

Mertek S1

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Mertek S1 is the perfect choice for a family holiday. The board is suitable for people with any level of training. Its 2.8 kW motor is capable of accelerating the board to 26 km / h - the optimal value for a beginner and experienced raiders. The advanced design of the model makes it stable and safe, and the wireless controller provides easy control.

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Mertek S1 is a model for the whole family. Electric motor, low speed, wireless remote control and soft dynamics will make you feel like a surfer for anyone who wants it, without any preparation. Children from 8 years old can ride Mertek S1. Batteries last for 1 hour of fun!


Technical details

DimensionsHeight 10 cmLength 230 cmWidth 76 cmWeight 26.7 kg

PerformanceMax speed 26 km/hAutonomy 45 min
EnginePower 3,5 HPType Electric

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