The story of the origins of Jet surfing

04 Oct 2018by Top Jet SurfingNews in the world of jetsurfing
The story of the origins of Jet surfing

Jet-surfing and all the line of motosurfing has emerged thanks to the Czech engineer Martin Sula. For many years he developed engines for concerns of AUDI, BMW, KTM, SKODA. When once again Martin went on vacation to Hawaii, he decided to do surfing.

Then Martin decided to continue the experiment, and it turned out that the jet-surf allows you to do interesting things: surfing on calm water or riding a wave from a boat, jumping to a height of 2–3 meters, going on long journeys on the water surface and overcome slalom distances.

Manufacturers decided to support the idea of Martin Sula. They began to release their jet-surfing and actively promote them to the masses. Already in 2011, the first international championship was held. And in 2014, Martin Sula himself took part in "JET SURF MOTO GP 2014":

  • At the stage in Switzerland, became the second, gaining 20 points;
  • at the stage in Slovakia ranked third with 16 points;
  • at the rounds in the Czech Republic and Prague did not enter the top three.

Thanks to Martin, now we have a new sport and entertainment. Thanks to him for the idea. And you can buy modern jet-surfing in our store.