Which board to choose - electric or gasoline?

27 Sep 2018by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Which board to choose - electric or gasoline?

Jet Surf is a surfboard that allows you to perform tricks without waves. The installed engine allows an average speed of 50 km/h - you can enjoy the adrenaline rush even on the calm water surface. Today, manufacturers produce two types of jet surf. There is an electric jetboard, it runs on batteries. And there are gasoline models; they work at the expense of fuel. What decision to choose depends on your preferences. We will consider several selection criteria.


Board with a motor always weighs more than 10 kg. Its weight affects the ease of transportation, maintenance, repair. The less a jetsurf weighs, the easier it is to carry, transport, maintain. The weight of the device is influenced by the weight of the body, as well as the elements that provide movement - the engine, the filling tank, the battery.

The 2021 Jetsurf Sport gasoline board weighs 18.5 kg and the Radinn Explore electric surfboard weighs 15 kg.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed that can be developed on the board depends on its characteristics, configuration, form. There are no significant differences between gasoline and electric models too. In both categories there are boards with a motor, developing up to 60–80 km/h. For example, Fliteboard and Onean Carver models can reach speeds of 40 km/h, regardless of the weight of the driver.

Trip length

Electric surf with a motor provides surfing due to battery charge. The duration of the training depends on its power - the longer it is, the longer you can ride. In gasoline models, the duration, or rather the distance, depends on the volume of the filling tank. The bigger it is, the more you can drive without refueling. The average duration of a trip on electric jets is 30–40 minutes. The average for gasoline models is about 40–50 minutes at mixed speeds, or 10–20 kilometers traveled. In both cases, you can increase the duration of the trip: in the first - by replacing the battery, in the second - by refueling.


Almost all modern jet boards are equipped with security systems. The simplest thing the manufacturer can do is to release the case in the most stable form. The more expensive is the board, the greater its safety, and this is important for both categories. For example, jet surf can stop itself when the control panel is removed from it or when the rider is dropped in the water. Control The most common control option in both categories is the controller. It can be wired and wireless. Wired controller allows you to change the speed, as well as stop and start the engine. Wireless consoles usually have a screen that shows the battery level and other important parameters. This solution is popular in electric models, for example, Fliteboard. Each rider chooses between several specific models. For someone, it becomes important to have an electric board in the form of convenient control; someone appreciates the high duration of the trip on the gasoline jet surf. Choose thee model based on personal preferences.