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Portugal in Jetsurf!Here comes the first Jetsurf camp of your dreams (May 2021)

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Why Jetsurf?

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The shape of the board allows you to make sharp turns
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High quality carbon makes the board uniquely light and durable
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Sports two-stroke motor can accelerate the board up to 57 km/h
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Comfortable leg holders allow you to maneuver with maximum confidence.
carbon jet surf board
Important to know
jet surf advantages
Easy to learn

You need only 10 minutes to learn how to ride a jet surfing, even if you have never practiced water sports.

jet surf advantages
Big surfing autonomy

More than an hour riding on one tank (2.8 liters of gasoline) and more than 4 hours on one battery (full charge lasts 45 minutes)

jet surf advantages
Easy to carry and lightweight

The weight of the board is only 18 kg and unlike the electric board, the Jet Surf can be taken on any plane.

jet surf advantages
No driving license is required

No driving license or permissions is required for Jet Surf are due to the small engine volume.

Height 15 cm
Length 180 cm
Wide60 cm
Weight 18 kg
Power 11 hp
Engine capacity90 c.c.
Engine WeightType Push-pull MSR 50.2 HXT
Maximum speed 58 km/h
Battery4 hours of continuous surfing
Autonomy45 min at maximum speed

Jet Surf is a step into a new era of surfing. You no longer need to wait for the wind to pay for a boat ride or search for waves to surf on the water. You just need to take a board, choose any place, start the engine and ride as much as you want. No one will remain indifferent to the Jetsurf, since the characteristics of these boards allow you to organize competitions at a professional level and improve the level of participants and the quality of boards every year.


All the benefits of jet surfing?

  • jet surf advantageWind is not needed
    Wind is not needed

    You no longer have to wait for wind or waves to surf

  • jet surf advantageNew places
    New places

    You can discover unique corners of nature on the Jetsurf

  • jet surf advantageJumps and Tricks
    Jumps and Tricks

    Thanks to its power and form, the board has no limits in learning tricks or jumps.

  • jet surf advantageNot only for adults
    Not only for adults

    Children aged 8 years and older can wonderfully Jetsurf!

  • jet surf advantageProhibitions? It is not for us.
    Prohibitions? It is not for us.

    You can surf an electric motor Jetsurf where it’s forbidden for ordinary boats.

  • jet surf advantageBest office position
    Best office position

    We are located in Rome, the heart of Italy. Different areas for surfing are nearby.

Rent a Jetsurf

jet surf board

You can take the first Jetsurf course with us in Italy or if you already know how to surf, rent a Jetsurf without a deposit. We use only new models Jetsurf Factory GP and Onean Carver X. An experienced English-speaking consultant will answer all your questions.

°the rental is only in Italy

Included in the price:
  • Helmet
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • Fuel
  • Individual instructor
  • GoPro6 video
  • life jacket
First lesson

60 min

Second lesson

60 min

The first lesson.

20 min

Rent for 1 hour

60 min

First lesson

60 min

Second lesson

60 min

The first lesson

70 min

The second lesson

60 min

Friendly package

3 hours


Model For Rent


Lesson selection

VS compare
ElectricElectric jetsurf
  • Completely silent
  • You can surf everywhere
  • Maintenance is not required
  • Cannot be transported on the plane
  • Low power reserve
  • Bigger weight
electric jet surf
PetrolPetrol jetsurf
  • Low weight - only 18 kg
  • Opportunity to take with you on any plane
  • Power reserve for 4 hours
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Less quiet than electro is
  • It is forbidden to surf on some waters.
petrol jet surf

Jetboard Brands

jet surf boards brands
jet surf boards brands
jet surf boards brands
jet surf boards brands
jet surf boards brands
jet surf boards brands
jet surf boards brands
jet surf boards brands

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    Jet surfing is not just a kind of sport and outdoor activities, it is already a kind of philosophy, lifestyle. Once standing on the board, pressing the gas and soaring above the water surface in full growth, you will certainly want to return to this activity and experience these feelings again and again. That is why such a format of leisure as jetsurf camps - theme camps for jetsurfers and everyone who is irrevocably in love with this element is gaining great popularity now.

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