Jetsurf Titanium DFI SL

Jetsurf Titanium DFI SL

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What's new in the last model?


  • New matt design

  • Less weight

The Titanium DFI has been completely redesigned to push the boundaries of the motorized surfboard industry. The polished and waxing carbon fiber hull with an adjustable fin tip offers a wide range of settings for different water surface conditions and rider customization. The carbon fiber fin on the JetPump tunnel produces extra downforce and increases water flow for higher board performance. The Titanium was recently powered by DFI Engine technology - the most powerful and reliable unit in the world of motorized surfing.

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With a super light design weighing just 18.5kg, our motorized surfboard stands as the lightest in the world, offering unparalleled ease and agility on the water. This remarkable feat of engineering allows riders to experience unmatched maneuverability and responsiveness, making every moment on the waves an exhilarating adventure.


Technical details

DimensionsHeight 15 cmLength 180 cmWidth 60 cmWeight 18.5 kg

PerformanceMax speed 64 km/hAutonomy 40 min
EngineCylinder 1Power 15 HPVolume 100Type Petrol