Buy Jet surf. Where and at what price?

04 Oct 2018by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Buy Jet surf. Where and at what price?

Jet-surf is a board with an engine that allows you to surf even during calm. This direction of sport is gradually developing: since 2011 the international championship has been held, in many countries there are engine surfing platforms. We will tell you where to buy a jet-surf and how much it costs.

Price for Jet Surf

The cost of a surf with a motor depends on the manufacturer, characteristics, riding time, additions. The minimum price in the catalog is 3,790 €, the maximum is 16,900 €. Let's compare the cost and characteristics of several models:

  • Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2021 for 10 290 € accelerates to 55 km/h, runs 90 minutes and differs in two scheduled loops, providing comfort to the rider;
  • Onean Carver X costs 11 200 €, accelerates to 44 km/h, runs up to 45 minutes at maximum speed;
  • Onean Manta 2019 for 5 790 € differs in small weight - 16 kg without a battery, it accelerates from 10-12 km/h and allows you to ride for 2 hours nonstop;
  • Fliteboard for 11 390 € will be available with a unique structure, it should accelerate to 40–50 km/h and work up to 65 minutes.

The more belter the specifications are, the higher the price. If maneuverability is important to you, the ability to perform dizzying tricks at high speed, safety and long riding time, get ready to give at least € 8.000–11.000. And for a family holiday, quiet walks on water or entertainment, you can choose a model for 4.000-7.000 €.

Where to buy jet-surf

You can buy it from us. We sell boards with a motor in Italy and we can send it to the USA. We offer favorable and comfortable conditions for partnership:

Free technical support on call. Our representative will come and show you how to use the board, how to perform simple tricks, how to refuel, change the battery and control the jet-surf. Call us and we will send you a specialist.

Fast delivery. We make a delivery of gasoline boards with engine by any types of transport, directly to your house. The average delivery time is 2-3 days. Electro-boards can be transported only by land transport, the delivery period is from 2 weeks or more.

Quality assurance. We provide quality assurance from the manufacturer. On average, the warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.

Fast response. We respond faster to the board’s orders and spare parts to it, than manufacturing plants. Write to us and to the factory to compare the speed of response.

No language barrier. You do not need a translator - we speak English very well. Representatives who provide technical support also know the language perfectly or are native speakers.

Check out the catalog and order it online or email us for a detailed free consultation.