Competition Development on the Jetsurf

27 Sep 2018by Top Jet SurfingNews in the world of jetsurfing
Competition Development on the Jetsurf

Jet surfs are surfboards with a motor. They appeared relatively recently - about 10 years ago - and were first used primarily for entertainment: for example, for water navigation where there are no waves. Gradually surfing on boards with a motor was formed into a separate sport.

When the first competition was held

The first independent competitions were held when the jetsurfs just appeared - amateurs simply competed among themselves in different bodies of water, for example, on lakes or at sea. In 2012, FIDSM was created - the International Federation of surfing with a motor. She created and promoted the Moto Surf World Cup Moto World Championship to the masses. It was called in 2012. Although the first championship was held in 2011, when the organization did not exist.

Due to the great popularity of this sport, FIDSM was forced to create many different competitions around the world. And the world championship in motorcycle racing is now held annually.

What competitions are being held now

Today, amateur and professional motorcycle competitions are held all over the world. For example, in large cities constantly organize various sports events. In Russia, local competitions and demonstrations were held in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The main sporting event in the world of motosurfing is the world championship. Local stages are held in each country, and some countries have been honored to take intermediate stages of the world championship. For example, in 2014 in the Czech Republic, an excellent moto-surfing competition took place at the base of the complex of three reservoirs Novy Mlyny. And on June 9, 2017, for the first time, Russia hosted the stage of the cup of international competitions in motorcycling in St. Petersburg.

Who and why became the champion

Jet racing is an ambiguous sport. Anyone can take part in it, and doping is meaningless, because it has practically no effect on anything. In addition, there is always a risk of getting into an emergency and not even finishing in the top three - for example, as happened with the leader of the first round of races Ivo Strouhal in 2016 - he finished seventh. Therefore, there are no clear favorites in the moto-surfing - those who won last year may not reach the final this year.

One of the most frequently discussed athletes is Lukash Zagorsky. In 2016, in Prague, he completed the best circle in 55.38 seconds, in Amsterdam, his best result was 42.67 seconds. In the same 2016, the best Czech woman Aneta Sasherova became the best in the women's competition. You can endlessly discuss why this or that athlete became a champion. We believe that the whole thing is in hard training, great love for his work and quite a bit - in luck.