Jet Surf novelties in 2019

04 Oct 2018by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Jet Surf novelties in 2019

Motosurfing as individual sport is gradually developing, and today many companies are launching their Jet-surf. Let's look at the latest news and find out what awaits sports fans in 2019.

In 2018, many new boards with a motor were released - for example, eSurf S1 2018, Jetsurf Factory GP 2018, Mako Slingshot 2018, Onean Carver 2018. The latest novelty is Fliteboard. The company has just begun production, so if you order a board now, you will have to wait a bit. The board costs € 11,490, accelerates to 40 km/h and is able to work up to 65 minutes without recharging at maximum speed. And the user can choose the shape of the board and additional components, so the production process also slows down.

Manufacturing companies have not announced their decisions to develop new models of jet-surfing in 2019 yet, so there is no exact data. But if we assess the dynamics of the industry, we can assume that in 2019 new models from Jetsurf will appear on the market. This brand actively produces various models of boards, constantly improving them. Another leader is the brand Onean: it also produces several models and is quite expected to offer an improved unit to riders next year.

We constantly publish information about new products and sell them in a separate section of the catalog. If you are keenly interested in jet-surfing, write us, we will tell you about the latest changes and we will offer modern models.