Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus | Review

17 Mar 2020by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus | Review

Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus is another impressive device from the famous brand, which opens up completely new horizons for jetsurfers. The board has a powerful gasoline engine with a direct injection injector that allows you to move along the waves at a speed of about 55 km/h.

Pure ride pleasure

The Adventure DFI Plus model can rightfully be considered one of the fastest and most productive jetboards among all existing analogues. This board feels confident not only on the mirror surface, but also on almost the entire spectrum of waves. The board is equipped with a new, improved turbine, an improved carburetor, two modified pumps that pump water from the engine and body cavities. Thanks to comfortable foot loops and foam-based pillows, the rider seems to merge with the board, maintaining balance and balance.

Now with the generator: you can forget about charging

The main innovative “feature” of this model is a small generator built into the board body. This means that now you can ride as much as you like, completely without needing recharging. Lightweight and compact generator has almost no effect on the weight of the device and its driving performance. Feel free to step on the gas and enjoy the full potential of the board. Do not limit yourself either in speed or in revolutions - go in full steam to the farthest journeys. The only thing needed is fuel. But here, the developers found a rational solution - they made a compartment for an additional canister.

For travel and adventure

The presence of a special niche for a fuel canister will allow you to go on the longest cruises. The container is attached to the bow with the help of reliable clamps, without taking up much space and without interfering with the location of the rider's legs. If necessary, you can easily detach it from the board and replenish the supply of gasoline.

Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus

Another nice feature is the presence of special mounts for personal items and a spacious waterproof bag with a volume of 15 liters. Now you can take with you everything you need: tools, gadgets, equipment for photo or video. You can stock up on water, burgers, eat on the go or take a break right on the surface of the water. All this is quite feasible with Adventure DFI Plus, and any trip on this board promises to be vivid and memorable.

Technological excellence in everything

The sensitive handle with an ergonomic trigger gives even more dynamics and speed control. A unique, ultra-strong cable allows the surfer to confidently carry the center of gravity during maneuvers and stay on the board even at the most critical angle. The board is equipped with a powerful injection engine of 100 cubic meters. cm, carbon racing impeller, direct drive pump. In addition, the board is equipped with an electronic unit with an automatic start function.

_Adventure DFI Plus - a number of advantages and unique technological research: _

  • • Built-in generator;
  • • Powerful propulsion system;
  • • Additional canister for fuel;
  • • Bag for personal items;
  • • Silencer for the motor;
  • • Durable carbon body;
  • • Unique FCS fins;
  • • Removable foot loops.