Onean Carver Twin | Review

17 Mar 2020by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Onean Carver Twin | Review

This long-awaited swallow from the Spanish manufacturer appeared recently and was presented as part of Boot Dusseldorf 2020. The new board with an electric motor has become even brighter, more powerful, more productive, able to float rather than swim.

Two water-jet turbines - even more fun

A dual jet engine system creates incredible traction, providing the board excellent dynamics even in turbulent waters. Two impellers allow even more water to flow through the aggregates, erupting from the nozzles with two powerful streams, pushing the board forward. Thanks to this tandem, from the very first seconds, the surfboard rushes into gliding along the water, barely touching the surface. At the same time, the maximum speed of the board, declared by the manufacturer, is approximately 30 km/h.

The new system with two water jets made it possible to increase the power and productivity of the board by 30%, while maintaining the same level of energy consumption. The dual design significantly reduced the load on the blades and the main components of the engine. This is an obvious plus for speed and directional stability in any conditions of the water area.

Onean Carver Twin

More freedom and autonomy

Onean Carver Twin is suitable not only for fans of drive and extreme sports, but also for those who prefer long, leisurely walks on the water. The board is equipped with a powerful waterproof battery that provides as much as 40 minutes of carefree sliding in mixed speed mode. The device is easily removed from the battery compartment and installed back without requiring special devices. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery. The degree of charge can be seen on a number of LED indicators.

Intuitive controls

The board is controlled by a wireless controller to select the maximum engine power and configure various operating modes. This device receives information from all available sensors using certain algorithms, then, after processing the received data, it forms a control action on this or that system.

The controller offers 5 different power levels, among which you can choose the most suitable option for high-quality and comfortable riding. For example, you can activate the motor at low power if you start moving from the shore, or reduce the consumption of power and energy when switching to planing. All settings and preset parameters remain in the controller memory.

Onean Carver Twin

Maneuverability, lightness, suppleness

The electric board has received a fairly compact and responsive platform that allows the rider to control the board. Perfectly coordinated shapes create excellent grip of the surf with water during turns and maneuvers. The board is equipped with special sockets for foot loops with internal adjustment and a twist control system. To maneuver, you just need to shift the body weight in the direction of the expected turn.

Explicit Benefits

Advantages of the board made Carver Twin the most desired device of this year. Among them are the following:

  • • Two water cannons, increased power;
  • • Riding time on one charge - 40 min;
  • • Controller with 5 settings modes;
  • • Removable modular design.