Open a Top Jet Surfing in your city

04 Oct 2018by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Open a Top Jet Surfing in your city

If you love jet surfing just as we love it, you can join the team and help people explore this fascinating sport. We offer to open a branch of Top Jet Surfing in your city.

What is needed

A desire. You must understand the subject or want to thoroughly study it. You or your staff will advise clients, place orders, engage in technical support. Therefore, knowledge of the product is required.

How much will it cost

Depending on the form of cooperation. If you will engage in technical support and delivery, the investment is almost not required. If you want to open a full-fledged offline store, you will start from 30,000 €. If you want to work on a drop shipping scheme, the costs are minimal.

What are the terms of cooperation

It all depends on exactly how you want to work. If you are engaged in technical advice and delivery - we will help you to learn everything you need, we will give you an information about new customers. From you - timely delivery and consultation. If you want an offline store - we will consult, provide the goods, and help you to start. If you want to work according to the drop shipping scheme, we will accept and process orders, and from your part - product promotion.

What do you need to do

Just contact us in any convenient way. We are open to talk and we are considering different formats of partnership and cooperation and are ready to discuss it. Call us by phone, write to the chat in WhatsApp or send an email. If possible, come to the central office - we will be glad to see you!