Top 5 best places for Jetsurfing in Italy

27 Sep 2018by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Top 5 best places for Jetsurfing in Italy

Surfing is a popular sport. It uses both conventional boards and jet surfing - boards with a motor. We decided to tell you about the best places for surfing in Italy: tell you about hotels, cities, places on the coast.

Cala di Volpe, Sardegna

Cala di Volpe is a hotel on the island of Sardinia, located on the Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Coast. The distance to the nearest airports is 33 and 10 km, and the coast " is just around the corner" - just 15 minutes walk to the equipped beach. You can spend the night at the hotel, and then surfing the whole day long. The hotel was opened in 1963. Today, it has 121 rooms with an area of 18 m². Each room has a TV, telephone and DVD player. Cala di Volpe

Stagnone di Marsala

Stagnone di Marsala is the Italian city Marsala, located in Sicily, on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Seaport is located there, and there are cozy beaches for surfing on a board with a motor or the usual surfing. It is interesting - the famous Sicilian wine was named after the city. There you can see the Carmelite Monastery, the museum of the trellis, the world's oldest military ship Marsala. Stagnone di Marsala

Baia di Talamone

Baia di Talamone is a hotel in Talamone, a city by the sea. It is located 200 meters from the beach of Bagno delle Donne, it can be reached in just 5-7 minutes. Not far from the hotel tourists are offered kite surfing, boating, diving. Every morning a buffet is served. The hotel has a terrace overlooking the sea, and each room has a satellite TV, mini bar and air conditioning. Baia di Talamone

Lake Como and Garda

Garda is the largest lake in Italy, located near the southern foot of the Alps. It is located in the basin of glacial-tectonic origin. The river Aril flows into it - the shortest river in the country, the river Mincho flows out. The area of the reservoir is as much as 370 km². On the shore of the lake there are many resorts - for example, Bardolino, Malcesine, Garda, Sirmione. During the day you can enjoy surfing on a jetsurf, and in the evening - just relax. Garda e Como lake


Rimini is a city in Italy on the Adriatic coast. It covers an area of 134 km² and offers tourists a rich entertainment complex. You can reach the sea from Rimini in 5–40 minutes depending on where you are staying. You can choose the hotel closest to the sea and enjoy surfing all day. Rimini has interesting sights - for example, the triumphal arch, the arched bridge, the ruins of the amphitheater. Tourists are also attracted by the Church of St. Augustine, the Palazzo del Podesta, museums. Rimini