Top 6 water sports

27 Sep 2018by Top Jet SurfingUseful
Top 6 water sports

There are many different kinds of sports, one of them - water: those that are associated with water. We have compiled the top 6 most popular water sports so you can choose the most suitable of them.


Swimming is the most popular sport in which the overwhelming majority of the world's population takes part in one way or another. We swim in pools, lakes, rivers, seas. There are different styles of swimming - crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and so on. Constantly held competitions in swimming for long and short distances, and overcoming water obstacles included in many training programs for athletes and the military. For the first time, swimming competitions at the Olympics appeared at the summer games in Athens in 1896. Since then, they have been included in every program of the Summer Olympics.


Surfing is riding on special boards on the waves. Professionals do not just conquer the wave, but also perform various tricks. Residents of cities near the oceans, seas, and visiting tourists are surfing. Thanks to jet surfing - boards with motors - surfing became available to those who cannot often come to the sea, the ocean. Jet surfs allow you to ride, train, perform various tricks even on the lake, in calm weather. One of the most prestigious surfing competitions is the WSL World Tour. In addition to it, in the world of surfing there are many other activities.


Diving - is diving to the depth with special equipment: mask, costume, oxygen tank. Diving is available to tourists of resort towns on the beach and often serves as entertainment, but for some it is a serious sport. Sports diving is a new direction in water sports. In 2008, the first international diving competitions were held in Hurghada.


Recently, many people, seeing live or on television people who ride the water on boards using parachutes, ask themselves: "What kind of sport is it, how difficult is it to learn?" My little article is just for such people.


Sailing is a sport that demonstrates sail management skills. Athletes tend to reach the finish line faster than rivals, driving small boats with sails. Yachting competitions are usually held between boats of the same design. A series of races is called a regatta, and for the first time the similarity of the competition was held between English courts.

Jet surfing

Jet Surf was invented in 2008 by Czech Martin Sula. Martin is a leading engineer, for many years he developed engines and spare parts for AUDI, BMW, KTM, SKODA. Having gone on vacation to Hawaii, he decided to go surfing. After spending a few days, long hours “scooping” for the wave, then only a few minutes to hold onto it, Martin decided to improve the process. He began to develop mechanical surfing with a motor that allows it to be on the crest of a wave in just a few seconds.