Jetsurf Electric S

Jetsurf Electric S

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Jetsurf Electric S is an advanced version of electro-surfing, which is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The ability to control traction and convenient switching between turbo and eco modes will allow you to choose a suitable riding mode. Thanks to the accelerated charging, which takes only 1.5 hours, you will not have to wait long to ride a surf. Batteries with a capacity of 3 kW / h are enough for 35 minutes of riding in eco mode, and in turbo mode, the speed reaches up to 55 km / h.

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Reliable case

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 15 cmLength 18 cmWidth 6 cmWeight 29 kg

PerformanceMax speed 55 km/hAutonomy 40 min
EnginePower 3kWh (59 Ah) HPType Electric

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