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The Seabob F5 S is a sporty and incredibly dynamic scooter for surfing and diving at depths of up to 40 m. The model weighs 34 kg and is accelerated by the advanced E-Jet Power System, which propels the scooter with a powerful jet of water. Seabob F5 S has 6 gearshift levels, demonstrates thrust up to 680 N, accelerates to 20 km/h on water and 18 km/h under water. It has a sleek and racing design accented with chrome accents.

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Recharge in 7 hrs
SEABOB Cam System
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Camera help to create great videos
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Tail and display console in chrome matt design. Tail ring and display ring in high-gloss chrome.

€ 11900

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The Seabob F5 S is the perfect combination of speed, agility and ergonomics. The model features a compact hydrodynamic body for fast acceleration and ease of diving. For the manufacture of the scooter, carbon, high-strength ceramics and even precious metals with high resistance to sea water are used. The model is controlled by two convenient handles and several touch buttons with a piezoelectric element. The green button is used to accelerate, the red one to decrease the speed. The other two buttons allow you to individually adjust the power, dive depth and other parameters. The scooter is equipped with the latest E-Jet Power System, which creates powerful jet thrust under the pressure of the displaced water. To make a turn or dive, simply shift your body weight.
Increased autonomy

Technical details

Dimensions and weightHeight 372 mmLength 1.152 mmWidth 507 mmWeight 34 kgBuoyancy in water 10 kg

BatteriesAutonomy 60 minStandard charging time 7 hoursFast charging time 1.5 hours
PerformancePerformance up to 4.5 kWMaximum thrust up to 680 NPower levels 6Speed over water up to 20 km/hSpeed underwater up to 18 km/h

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