Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2023

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Jetsurf Adventure DFI 2023

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Jetsurf presents the NEW ADVENTURE DFI 2023 model with many new features. Immediately you notice the new hull in carbon fiber with measures aimed at improving fealing and reliability. By adding the new accessories we can enjoy our endless walks.

What's new in the last model?

  • Intake screen

  • Bumpers

  • Rack

  • FCS fins

  • Silencer

No+0 €Add rack+189 €
We prepare everything ourselves. You will receive the board with the rack already assembled.
Additional fuel tank
No+0 €Add additional fuel tank of 3,8 liters+99 €
Is possible mount only with rack.
Duffel bag
No+0 €Add duffel bag+45 €
It allows you to carry various personal items with you, it is mounted above the additional tank.

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Test drive is available before purchasing


NEW ADVENTURE DFI 2023 combines all the features of a stable hull, the latest DFI technology engine and the FCS fins click on / click off system for a tool-less user approach. The board is built for longer trips on all types of water even including waves. The riding range can be easily extended by strapping an external fuel tank and duffel bag to the board to carry all your important supplies for your explorations.


Technical details

DimensionsHeight 15 cmLength 180 cmWidth 60 cmWeight 20 kg

PerformanceMax speed 55 km/hAutonomy 90 min
EngineCylinder 1Power 10 HPVolume 100Type Petrol