Jetsurf Cruiser DFI

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Jetsurf Cruiser DFI

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What's new in the last model?

  • The most silent petrol board in the world

  • Alternator

  • New cleaning system

Most silent petrol board in the world. Cruise in your favorite spots without disturbing the surroundings.

This board is a perfect mix between Adventure DFI Plus and Race DFI models. It takes double pads and an alternator from the first one while having the agility of the second one.

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€ 12890

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After a lot of hours of engineering and testing, Jetsurf introduces a brand new model Cruiser DFI - the most silent petrol board in the world. Now you can enjoy riding a jet board without disturbing other people. All these are thanks to the new silencer and placing a new anti-vibration foam to reduce the noise.

2 Stroke 100cc Engine DFi

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 15 cmLength 180 cmWidth 60 cmWeight 20.5 kg

PerformanceMax speed 55 km/hAutonomy 90 min
EngineCylinder 1Power 10 HPVolume 100Type Petrol