Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus

Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus

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The Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus Surfboard is a brand new step in the development of motorized surfing equipment. A generator is used as an energy source, which provides uninterrupted power to the battery during riding. The main body elements are made of lightweight carbon fiber, the engine and cylinders are made of an alloy of silicon and aluminum. Start and acceleration is carried out with the help of an ergonomic handle, which allows the rider to maintain balance when bending and cornering.

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Surfboard Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus is a completely new era of water adventures, the ability to go on the longest journeys without regard to autonomy. The Jetsurf Adventure DFI Plus board has a lightweight, compact, water-cooled generator that lets you completely forget about recharging.

Powerful two stroke engine

Technical details

DimensionsHeight 15 cmLength 180 cmWidth 60 cmWeight 22,5 kg

PerformanceMax speed 55 km/hAutonomy 100 min
EngineCylinder 1Power 10 HPVolume 100Type Petrol